Frequently Asked Questions

Shop / Purchasing

How do I start my self-study?
How can I buy a self-study course module?
How is Prodiags Training Environment priced for school or organizational use?
How long are unused licenses available?
What is the length of the license for formal degree in education?
How do I order additional licenses for the stock?
How do I get an offer for upgrades?
How do I pay for an order?
What is the delivery time for an additional order?
How do I order the Media Extension?
How I cancel the Media Extesion?

Student / Learning

How can I reset a forgotten password?
I did not get a user ID activation link to my email account?
What should I do if my activation link is outdated?
How do I see the results of my assignments?
Can I get a certificate from an approved / passed self-study course?
How my personal information is processed?
How can I delete my personal data?
Can I transfer my results to any other system?
What is the difference between username and role?
I have a role in more than one group how to change the role?
What does a Team mean?
How do I enable Flash Player in Google Chrome?

Admin / Management

User Management

How I can add a new user?
Where I can set role type of new user?
How I can set new user license period?
How can I improve the management of large numbers of students?
How do I add or remove members of a Team?
What does Team's visibility setting affects?
How I delete a user or role?
How I edit personal user data or role type?
How I change my license length?
How I send email to Teams?
How do I get a summary of the personal information of all users?
What is the difference between a username and a role?
Can I use the same username in several different Prodiags Training Environment groups?
Where you can benefit from building teams?
Can the same user or role be in multiple teams?
How can I add new users from a CSV file?

Learning Management

How do I add course module to my students?
Can I schedule my assignments?
How do I see the current participants in the module?
How do I see a student's question-specific results?
How can I delete the student failed final Exam?
How I compare results between users?
How can I print a summary of students' results?
Can I download result's data, for example, to Microsoft Excel or similar?
How can I print a summary of students' results of all modules?

Prodiags System Management

How do I consider GDPR requirements for group settings?
How can I modify the principles of personal data processing?
How do I process a data processing agreement (DPA) with Prodiags Ltd?
How can I ask from users agreement to the use of personal data?
How do I change the automatic deletion settings for users?
Can I customize the Prodiags Training Environment Layout?
Can I change the background of Prodiags Training Environment?
Can I add my own logo to the printed material?
How can I customize the layout to support my brand?

Content Management

How do I add a new Training Module?
What is a module ID?
How do I hide an unfinished module?
How do I add more information for teachers only?
How do I share YouTube or Vimeo videos?
How do I find out the Video ID?
How do I publish the Prodiags PDF Flip Book?
My PDF is too big, how can I compress it?
I can't add a new PDF, because the Add New button is disabled?
How do I link Google Forms Quiz to the Prodiags training environment?
How do I enable the Prodiags Google Forms link?


Can I use Prodiags course modules in Moodle?
Can I test the use of the Moodle Gateway?
Is it possible to link Prodiags course modules to other learning environments?
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