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Video demonstration use of the Prodiags Training Shop
Video demonstration use of the Prodiags Training Shop
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I did not get a user ID activation link to my email account?
  • Check your email SPAM folder.
  • If you are unable to adjust the SPAM filter yourself, try the "I Forgot my password" function on the Login Page using the SMS option.
  • Ask for help from the learning environment administrator:
    • If you are a customer of Training Shop or Admin of Training Environment make a Support Request
    • If you are a user of an organization-managed learning environment, contact your trainer.
What should I do if my activation link is outdated?
For security reasons, the activation link is valid for a limited time only.
Do not worry, go to the Login Page and generate a new activation link by using the function "I forgot my password".

Instructions for Learning

Structure and Use of the Prodiags Training Module
Account Activation and Password Reset
Personal Data Processing

Instructions for Environment Management

Introduction to the Admin Functions

Administration av användare

User Management Concept
Lägg till ny användare eller roll
Lägg till eller redigera team
Redigera användare eller roll
Report of Missing First Login
Användarnas e-postadresser
Översikt över användare
Username and roles
Importera ny användare via CSV

Administration av lärning

Lägg till eller redigera användare i moduler
Användarens studieregister
Resultat av modulerna

Administration av moduler

Lägg till eller redigera moduler
Video Study Section
PDF FlipBook Study Section
Google Forms Assessment or Exam
Lagerhantering (offerter och beställningar)

Environment Management

Inlärningsmiljöns inställningar
Custom Layout


Prodiags LTI Gateway for External Systems
Automated System Email Notifications


TeamViewer for Remote Support

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